We want to see you thrive in your daily life, comfortable in your own skin and move with less pain and more ease. Whether you are an athlete looking to “up your game” or someone recovering from an injury seeking rehabilitation support, our instructors have the training and experience to meet your needs. In all of our private sessions and group classes, we emphasize the somatic experience—an approach that emphasizes internal physical alignment through sensing, feeling, and touch. By developing proprioceptive awareness, we build healthy brains, better balance, and grounded joy.

We strive to:

PROMOTE vibrant communities by teaching individuals how to learn–the signals of their own bodies, the lessons hidden within pain, and how to be proactive about their own health.

MEET each person where they are on their healing journey and work to build lasting relationships.

STRIVE to create a sanctuary where all people feel safe and supported.

SUPPORT the movement community of Durango by bringing in high-level professionals for master classes and teacher trainings.