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Breathe Better to Move Better
January 22, 2022 12-2pm 
@ Studio Soma

Breathing is the central pump of our body that influences how everything else moves.

If we aren’t using this pump properly, we can develop asymmetries and pain syndromes in all areas of the body. We may also lose our ability to manage stress well, resulting in feelings of fatigue, difficulty gaining strength, and systemic illness.
Breathing better helps us move more freely, with greater ease, and generate more power with less effort.
In this workshop you’ll learn about the most common challenges to breathing and how to easily and effectively correct them.
Come learn how to breathe better, move better, and feel better!


***Proof of Vaccination or Negative Covid Test Required***

ZOOM OPTION:  Dial in from the comfort of your home; once you register, we will reach out to see whether you will be participating online or in person




Private Sessions

  • Single Session | $85
  • 5-Pack Sessions | $410
  • 10-Pack Sessions | $800

    *prices subject to change when working with affiliate teachers

Semi-Private Session

  • Duet | $45 per Person
  • Trio | $40 per Person
  • Quartet | $35 per Person

    *prices subject to change when working with affiliate teachers

Pilates Equipment Classes

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Gyrotonic Equipment Classes

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Pilates Mat and Gyrokinesis

  • Single Mat Class | $18
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